Advanced Computational Mechanics and Materials Laboratory

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Welcome to the Advanced Computational Mechanics and Materials Laboratory (ACMML) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Rochester. In our lab we integrate our knowledge of physics, solid mechanics, materials science, computational multiscale modeling, and experimentation to improve the understanding of the physics of the deformation of advanced materials and develop mathematical models to predict the mechanical or physical properties of such materials.

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Multiscale modeling of nanoscale metallic multilayers

We use computational techniques to understand the fundamental mechanisms of deformation in nanoscale metallic multilayers at small time and length scales and investigate the effect of parameters such as interface structure, chemical composition, and morphology on these mechanisms. We use...

Computational prediction of the structure of semicoherent interfaces

Solid-state interfaces are ubiquitous in materials science: from grain boundaries in polycrystalline metals to heterophase interfaces in multi-component, multi-functional composites . As awareness of their far-reaching influence on materials behavior grows, so does interest in predicting and controlling their structure...

Nanoporous materials

Nanoporous (NP) metals are three-dimensional networks of inter-connected pores and ligaments. Their open-cell structure and high surface area per unit volume give them unique electrical, mechanical, and catalytic properties as well as high radiation resistance. The deformation behavior of NP...

Composite pseudoelastic nanowires

Metallic nanowires can recover from up to 50% of plastic strain when their cross-sectional area is smaller than a certain critical value, which is on the order of a few nms. This behavior is called pseudoelasticity and the mechanism responsible...

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Haomin's paper on deformation behaviors of nanowires and connecting nodes in nanoporous materials just got published in Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering. Well done Haomin!

Haomin, Gus, and Ali are preparing for their ‘Exploring Nanotechnology’ workshop for highschool students.

Anupam's paper on strengthening behavior of irradiated Cu is accpeted to Materialia. Congrats Anupam!

Principal Investigator

Niaz Abdolrahim

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Rochester

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